The Bible is a story about mission. It is a story about God's mission to restore creation, to see evil overcome at last and for all people to experience his love and goodness. We believe everyone deserves to hear the life changing message of Jesus Christ. We believe that God desires to be in a relationship with every person, every culture, and every nation. We want to partner with God in this mission. In fact, we know that Christians are called to partner with God in this.


Global Mission

We believe there is no limit to the Gospel! In obedience to the last words of Christ before he ascended, we consistenly go to other countries to share the life-changing message of Jesus. We have Mission Trips for students every Winter, Spring, and Summer break. Click below to sign up for the next mission trip!


Local Mission

In his most famous prayer, Jesus said, "Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven." We want to see that prayer answered in our city. We want to see the Kingdom of God manifest itself through us to those around us! Click below to see how you can serve our city!


Campus Mission

Just as we are passionate about seeing God's glory and kingdom extend to the world and to our city, we are just as passionate to see our campuses experience God's love in rich ways, as well. Click below to find how you can get involved in serving your campus!