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SoFlo BCM is a place for students to explore faith and grow in their faith.  We want to be community of college students who are united by their faith.  Yet, we also realize we cannot do that alone.  We believe it is important that we partner with the local church and that our students get connected to a local church while they are in college. Below are some of our friends.  We love these guys and think you will too!

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Prayer is the life-blood of the Christian.  It is how we talk to God.  It is also how we help each other in tough times.  If you need prayer, send it our way and we promise to pray for you.  You can leave it anonymous by not filling in your contact information, or you can leave your information and we will contact you and pray with you.  Either way, God cares deeply about you and wants to see you thrive and flourish in his purposes! He hears our prayers and answers them. 

So how can we pray for you?

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Phone Number
Phone Number
Would you like to meet with someone else to pray together?

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